ESTIA RENOVATION is a loan granted for repairs or renovation of owner occupied homes on the following terms:
  • without mortgage prenotation
  • financing amount up to 100% of the cost of repair/renovation works, maximum €20,000
  • advance disbursement in order to immediately start repair/renovation works
  • floating interest rate at 6.9% throughout the loan term
  • low review and disbursement fees
  • low instalment amount due to longer repayment term up to 10 years.
In addition, the disbursement of your housing loan and each instalment payment earn points in the go4more reward programme.
The reward points apply to NBG debit or credit cardholders registered with the go4more programme.

For further information and the terms and conditions see Details.
Repair of owner occupied home.

Loan disbursement
The loan is disbursed in two instalments:
  • first instalment (advance payment): up to 30% of the loan amount, which is finalized
         after an engineer-associate of the Bank reviews the fair cost of works
  • second instalment (final): disbursed once the works at the financed residence
         have been completed and certified by an engineer-associate of the Bank.

Loan repayment
The loan is repaid in monthly amortization instalments on the disbursed amount. 
Instalment payments commence one month after the loan disbursement.
Instalments are automatically paid through a loan-linked Deposit Account indicated by you and held with National Bank of Greece.

Full or partial early repayment
You can fully or partially repay your loan without any charge.

A mortgage prenotation on your home is not needed.

Rates & Charges
For information on the loan interest rates and/or charges click here.

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Payment of your loan instalments
Your loan instalments are automatically paid through a loan-linked Deposit Account held with National Bank of Greece.

Loan statements
To keep you duly updated, the Bank sends you a statement of account on a regular basis, containing information on your loan (such as outstanding principal, remaining instalments, interest rate etc.).
Moreover, if you are an i-bank Internet Banking user, you can sign up for the i-bank statements service and receive e-mail alerts regarding the issuance of your loan statements and earn additional go4more points.

Change of particulars
Please inform us immediately of any change in your personal particulars (home address, contact information etc.) simply by visiting an NBG Branch.
To find out which documents are required to verify your particulars, please use:
(*) The cost of the call depends on the pricing policy of your phone network provider; rates for calls to special numbers apply to 181818 and to landlines to +30 210 4848484.