Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to apply for Fire-Earthquake Property insurance as well as Life Insurance?
    The National Bank of Greece supports you even after the purchase of your home by offering you insurance programs for your property and its contents, regarding any danger to its integrity (fire, earthquake etc.). Property insurance plan is required during the term of your housing loan and may be continued after the loan has been repaid. However, in order to be insured against unforeseen health problems, our Bank optionally offers you the insurance program “Life” at particularly favorable terms.
  • How can I pay lower monthly instalments?
    If you want to pay lower monthly instalments, you may, under specific conditions, extend the term of your loan, switch to interest-only payments for a specific period or repay part of your remaining principal.
  • Can I transfer the mortgage prenotation to another property I own?
    You may apply for a new mortgage prenotation on another of your properties, provided that the respective terms and conditions of the Bank’s lending policy for approving housing loans are fulfilled. The expenses for lifting the previous mortgage prenotation and performing the new one are borne solely by the borrower.