Do you wish to reduce your ecological footprint?


The NBG Green Loan is designed to provide the money you need for energy improvements at home or purchase of a new hybrid-technology car so that you make a real change to your ecological footprint on the planet.


The Green Loan provides:

  • financing option of up to 100% of the expenses related to the purchase of eco-friendly products
  • an especially privileged floating interest rate
  • long repayment term.


So, why wait? Reap the financial benefits and act ecologically!


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The Green Loan is designed to meet the purchase cost of the following:

  • the energy upgrade of your home with eco-friendly products and services, such as:
    • installation of a green roof
    • replacement of old central-heating boiler and/or water heater
    • installation of natural gas supply
    • installation of thermal insulation on walls and roofs
    • replacement of window frames and panels
    • installation of bio cesspit,
    • construction of rainwater collectors
    • installation of solar heating system
    • use of Α+ energy efficient electrical appliances
    • installation of cooling systems (floor cooling, fan coils) and sun shade systems
    • installation of geothermal systems
    • installation of wind energy systems
    • installation of photovoltaic systems
  • the purchase of a new hybrid-technology car.



Individuals, with permanent residence and personal income subject to taxation in Greece.


Loan amount

The loan may finance up to 100% of the expenses related to the purpose of the loan, > €2,000 up to €30,000.


Loan term

Depending on the amount, the loan term is as follows:

Loan amount Loan term
€6,000 36 to 48 months
€6,001 - €15,000 36 to 72 months
> €15,000
36 to 84 months



The Green Loan is repaid in monthly amortization installments, through automatic debit of a deposit account in your name.


Payment Protection Program

The Payment Protection Program is an insurance program that covers your monthly loan repayment installments in the event that you are temporarily unable to work in either of the following cases:

  • If you work in the private sector as a salaried employee under an open-end employment contract, the program covers you in the event of involuntary unemployment or temporary inability to work due to illness or accident.
  • If you are a public sector employee, temporarily employed or freelance professional, the program covers you in the event of hospitalization or temporary inability to work due to illness or accident.

Furthermore, it covers you for payment of the outstanding principal on your loan (up to a certain limit, depending on its term) in the event of death from any cause or permanent total disability due to accident.


This insurance cover is simple to obtain and available at a remarkably low cost, as long as you choose the Payment Protection Program when you apply for the loan.


Interest rate - Charges

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Annual Percentage Rate

For information on the Annual Percentage Rate (APR), please click here​.

Visit your nearest Branch and apply for the loan today.


Basic documentation needed for your loan application:

  • your personal ID card or valid passport
  • your latest tax clearance
  • vouchers, pro-forma invoices or a formal offer from a merchant evidencing the nature of the work to be done, and the cost and type of products to be bought.


If necessary, you may be asked to submit further documentation.


After submitting your application, we will contact you to inform you of the outcome. If your application is approved, we will ask you to come and sign the loan agreement at the Branch.


For detailed information, please visit one of our Branches or call us at +30 210 48 48 484.

Installment payment

Your loan installments are automatically debited to the deposit account that you hold with NBG and have stated that you wish to be debited for their payments.


Loan statements

To enable you to keep track of your loan and respective dues, we send you a quarterly loan statement containing information on your loan and the amount of the next installments.


Late/non receipt of your loan statement

The loan statement will be sent each trimester to the address you have given us. If for any reason beyond the Bank’s control the statement is not delivered to you, the installment will nevertheless still be due for collection, as required under the loan agreement.

For further information, visit your local Branch.


Late payment of loan installment

You must endeavor to settle your dues as soon as possible.

Failure to pay an installment incurs default interest for the period it remains in arrears, while it is also taken to indicate transactional delinquency. In addition, your loan agreement may stipulate further penalties.


Change of deposit account used to service the loan

To change the deposit account which is linked to your loan visit one of our Branches and indicate the account you wish the installments of your loan to be debited to.


Interest rate changes

The interest rate on your loan is floating and is subject to quarterly revision in line with any change in the 3-month Euribor carried out on the last day of each calendar quarter, rounded in three (3) decimal digits, as it stands two business days prior to that date.


Payment Protection Program

The Payment Protection Program option is available at the time you apply for the loan.


Early repayment

Early repayment (in all or in part) of any amount you wish is available free of charge.


Change of personal information

Please inform us immediately of any change in your personal particulars (home address, contact info etc.) by simply visiting an NBG Branch.

To find out which documents are required to verify your particulars, please read our brochure “Have you introduced yourself? If not… do it now”.