Our new ground-breaking Value Plus bundle of products aims at taking your banking experience to the next level.


Thanks to the state-of-the-art design of our Value Plus bundle you have the opportunity to open a deposit account under a single subscription fee: monthly €5 or annual €55 at NBG Internet / Mobile Banking or at any NBG Branch, and enjoy a host of cutting-edge products and services offered free of charge or on highly favorable terms.

​Pay 5 utility bills free of charge via standing order or via NBG Internet / Mobile Banking.​Benefit from our privileged rates, and transfer (Euro) up to €3,000 via NBG Internet / Mobile Banking up to twice a month to another domestic bank, choosing "shared transfer fees" (SHA), without commission.

Get 1 incoming domestic money transfer per month in Euro, choosing "shared transfer fees" (SHA), up to €3,000, without commission. ​Enjoy all your benefits and carry out 1 credit card payment via NBG Internet / Mobile Banking to another domestic bank each month, without commission.
​Cover any unforeseen needs for cash from ATM's easily and instantly, 24/7 via
1. ATMs of other domestic banks without commission,  3 withdrawals per year.
2. ATMs of banks abroad, in euro without commission, 2 withdrawals per year.
​Collect go4more reward points by keeping funds in your account, and carrying out purchases with your debit card and transactions via i-bank channels and earning 1,000 welcome points when acquiring the package.
​Get instant alerts, via e-mail and/or SMS, about the activity on your accounts and cards, with the mini Value i-bank Alert service offered free of charge for unlimited e-mail alerts and/or 20 sms/month.​Use your Mastercard, Gold Mastercard, Platinum Mastercard or Visa for purchases in physical and online stores with a discount of 1 percentage point on the applicable interest rates.
Get free of charge a Debit Mastercard, depending on the customer group you belong to, and a Debit Visa,  with contactless technology for cash withdrawals and purchases in Greece and abroad.   ​Make use of the Proactive Health Check-up program that includes tests and additional benefits of the Partner Diagnostic Centre.

​Take advantage of i-bank Pay for instant money transfers and payments using your mobile phone through direct debit of your bank account.

​View online your account statements through NBG Internet Banking.
​Apply now : 

Provide for your children’s future needs, whether educational or professional ones, or simply offer your children an additional income to help them make their plans come true. ​Give a boost to your monthly income with the Monthly time deposit. Combine a safe placement for your money with more attractive returns.

  • Account Features

    · Savings Account in €

    · For individuals

    · No minimum initial deposit

    · Interest compounded per semester

    · Charge for the provision of banking services: Monthly fees €5 – Annual fees €55

    · Better pricing terms for specific banking services offered by NBG via the Bank's digital networks.

    · Link with NBG's i-bank services, cards, loans and investment products

    · Automatic deposit of payroll or pension

    For further information on account features and benefits check the Pre-Contractual Information Form.
  • Balance & activity

    Detailed account statements via i-bank Internet Banking (monthly i-statement): free of charge

    Account activity updates by means of your account booklet, if you so request. free of charge
    Information on a 24/7 basis free of charge:
    – regarding the last 7 transactions on your account, via NBG's i-bank ATMs;
    – regarding account activity via NBG Internet Banking.
  • Transactions

    Carry out your everyday transactions with security and flexibility via NBG Branches and i-bank channels:

    Cash Withdrawals: At NBG Branches and i-bank ATMs using your debit card

    Deposits: At NBG Branches and APS centers, as well as i-bank ATMs.

    Payments and money transfers: Pay your bills and settle your financial obligations easily and instantly by directly debiting your account at NBG branches and via NBG Internet /Phone /Mobile Banking and ΑΤΜs. 
  • Proactive Health Check-up Insurance Plan

    The provision of a Proactive Health Check-up Insurance Plan for the first beneficiary of the Value account includes:
    – An annual check-up that includes a General Blood Test, Glucose, Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and Atherogenic index.

    – Proactive health control laboratory tests carried out once every insurance year. The tests included in the proactive health control are the following:
    – MEN over the age of 45 Free-of-charge PSA
    – WOMEN over the age of 45 Digital mammography with a €5.00 charge for the Insuree.
    For the tests as above no doctor’s referral note is required.
    – Further additional benefits offered by the partner Diagnostic center at special discount.

    Note also that:
    – The cover plan applies on condition that the principal beneficiary is an adult over the age of 18.
    – The program's commencement date is the date that the deposit account was opened.
    – The tests (check-up) as well as any additional benefits can be carried out after the lapse of 180 days as of the Insurance Start Date. This restriction applies only for the first year of the insurance.
    – In the event of any change in the type of deposit account, where actions, such as closing an existing account and activating a new one, take place within 30 days, the period of time of the previous insurance shall be taken into consideration for the calculation of the 180 days waiting period. In any other case this is considered as a new insurance with the new insurance commencement date being the date that the new account was opened.
    – The Proactive Health Check-up Insurance Plan is a benefit of Value Plus and is not available independently.

    The information contained herein may not be fully up-to-date and accordingly you should consult the relevant information leaflet, as stipulated in the current applicable legislation, which is available at all NBG branches. If you need more information on the full pre-contractual and contractual data and IPID click here.
    The insurance plans are designed by Ethniki Insurance and sold through the branch network of National Bank of Greece S.A., Aiolou 86, 10559 Athens, Company Reg. No. 311481. Insurance plans are sold only by Bank staff who are certified insurance intermediaries. The Bank is registered with the Special Register of Athens Chamber of Tradesmen under Reg. No. 1028 as an insurance agent. The Registry’s data are available through the online platform “Point of Single Contact (ESIP)” Active Insurance Intermediaries, via which you can verify the registration with the Special Registry. ESIP website: http://insuranceregistry.uhc.gr/. Click here for the information leaflet of the Insurance Intermediary.
  • i-bank Alert services

    For transactions effected via an NBG demand deposit account for which you wish to receive alerts, you have the option to activate the i-bank Alert via:
    – e-mail: free of charge
    – SMS: 20/month, free of charge.
    Additional SMSs besides those offered to you free of charge: €0.05/SMS.
  • Contract and Rates & Charges
     For information on interest rates and/ or charges relating to NBG's deposits, click here.
    For information about product features and terms and conditions, please visit Precontract Information and Single Agreement respectively.
    For information about insurance product features and terms and conditions, please visit Precontract Information.
  • Change of personal data

    In the event of change of personal data (address, contact details etc.) you should inform the Bank immediately, simply by visiting one of our Branches or NBG Internet Banking. Find out about the required ID verification documents at "Have you introduced yourselves? If not ...do it now".
  • How to apply
    You can apply for a Value Plus Bundle:
    • at NBG Internet Banking or
    • at NBG Mobile Banking or
    • at any NBG Branch.
    and enter a world of exclusive privileges and benefits by opening a new account or converting an existing one.
    Find out about the ID verification documents you need to submit (home address, contact information, etc.) at “Have you introduced yourselves? If not ... do it now".
  • The privileges and benefits of the Value Plus account for the insurance plan and credit cards apply only to the principal beneficiary.