​National Bank of Greece has designed its new Smart bundle of products with a view to offering privileged banking services.

In the context of the Smart privileges that we offer you, you simply select the type of account (savings or current) and at a fixed monthly fee of €2 you can enjoy a number of products and services offered free of charge or on highly favourable terms.

​Pay 30 utility bills (energy, water and fixed telephone) per year, free of charge, through standing order​Get instant alerts, via e-mail and/or SMS, about the activity on your accounts and cards, with the mini Premium i-bank Alert service
​Make use of the Preventive Health Check-up program that includes tests and additional benefits of the Partner Diagnostic Centre​Collect go4more reward points by opening the account, keeping funds, and carrying out purchases with your debit card and transactions via i-bank channels
​Get free of charge a Debit Mastercard and a Debit Visa with contactless technology for cash withdrawals and purchases in Greece and abroad​Link your account with i-bank Internet/ Phone /Mobile Banking services for 24/7 information and transactions
​View online your account statements through i-bank Internet Banking.​Take advantage of i-bank Pay for instant money transfers and payments using your mobile phone
​Use Prepaid Visa for purchases in physical and online stores and get a 50% discount on the cost of each loading​Carry out online purchases via the MyBank service by directly debiting your account, enjoying the security of i-bank Internet Banking


​We reward your trust: Find out about our bundle of Value products and services and enhance your banking relationship.​Integrated, top quality, banking experience for Premium Banking clients. More than an account: a valuable relationship.


  • Account Features
    - euro demand deposit account for individuals

    - option to choose type of account (savings or current)

    - no minimum initial deposit

    - escalating rate, depending on the account type

    - interest compounded per semester

    - monthly charge for the provision of banking services: €2

    - link with NBG's i-bank services, cards, loans and investment products

    - option to be supplied with a chequebook and an overdraft facility on the current accountample text
  • Account balances and statements

    Detailed account statements via i-bank Internet Banking (monthly i-statement): free of charge

    If you so request, for savings accounts you can get account activity updates by means of:
             - the account booklet: free of charge
             - current account, by means of:
                      - quarterly statements sent to your contact address: free of charge
                      - monthly statements sent to your NBG branch (free of charge) or to your contact address,
                        subject to charges, currently €0.90 per month.
                      - daily statements issued at the branch on a regular basis, currently charged at €15 per

    Information on a round-the-clock basis (24/7) free of charge:
             - regarding the last 7 transactions on your account, via NBG's i-bank ATMs;
             - regarding account activity via i-bank Internet Banking.

  • Transactions
    Carry out your everyday transactions with security and flexibility via NBG branches and i-bank channels:
    - Cash Withdrawals: At NBG branches and i-bank ATMs using your debit card. 

    - Deposits: At NBG branches and Automated Payment Systems, as well as i-bank ATMs.
    - Payments and money transfers: Pay your bills and settle your financial obligations easily and  
      instantly by directly debiting your account at NBG branches and via i-bank Internet / Phone /  
      Mobile Banking and ΑΤΜs. 
    - You can apply for your chequebook at your NBG branch or via our i-bank Internet and Phone 
      banking service. A chequebook is available only for current accounts, subject to eligibility   
  • Preventive Health Check-up Insurance Plan

    The provision of a Preventive Health Check-up Insurance Plan for the first beneficiary of the Smart account includes:

    - An annual check-up that includes a General Blood Test, Glucose, Cholesterol, HDL, LDL and Atherogenic index: free of charge

    - Check-up by Gender and Age:
            - for men over the age of 45, PSA: free of charge
            - for women over the age of 45, Digital mammography: contribution share €5

    - Further additional benefits offered by the partner Diagnostic center at special discount

    Note that:

    - The cover plan applies on condition that the principal beneficiary is an adult over the age of 18.

    - The program's commencement date is the date that the deposit account was opened.

    - The tests (check-up and preventive health control) as well as any additional benefits can be carried 
      out after the lapse of 180 days as of the Insurance Start Date. This restriction applies only for the
      first year of the insurance.

    - In the event of any change in the type of deposit account, where actions, such as closing an existing
      account and activating a new one, take place within thirty days, the period of time of the previous 
      insurance shall be taken into consideration for the calculation of the one hundred and eighty (180)
      days waiting period. In any other case this is considered as a new insurance with the new insurance
      commencement date being the date that the new account was opened.

  • i-bank Alert services

    For transactions effected via an NBG demand deposit account or a credit card for which you wish to receive alerts, you have the option to activate the i-bank alert via:

         - e-mail: free of charge
         - SMS: 12/month, free of charge. Additional SMSs besides those offered to you free of charge:
           for as many demand deposit accounts and credit cards you wish


​• The privileges and benefits of the Value account apply only to the first beneficiary, except for automatic
   payment of bills that applies to all beneficiaries.

• Transaction types and limits are subject to the Acts of Legislative Content applicable from time to time,
   imposing restrictions on banking transactions.

• The insurance plans are offered in collaboration with Ethniki Insurance and with the mediation of
   National Bank of Greece S.A., 86 Eolou, 102 32 Athens, Company Reg. No.: 311481, Athens, according
   to the contractual obligation to perform insurance mediation activities exclusively in one or more
   insurance companies. Insurance plans are sold only by Bank staff who are certified insurance