Do you need a way to finance your future plans? Why wait? Take advantage of our REWARD personal loan that rewards you twice a year…


How? All you need to do is pay your monthly installment and NBG will offer you a discount of 0.25% on your rate every six months (up to 12 times), rewarding your good loan repayment record.


Eventually, your interest rate may go down to as low as 8.90%!


For further information see Details.


Individuals, with permanent residence and personal income subject to taxation in Greece.


Loan amount

> € 2,000.


Loan Term

Depending on the loan amount, as follows:

Loan AmountLoan term
≤ €3,000from 12 to 60 months
> €3,000from 12 to 84 months


Interest rate reduction

Your interest rate can be reduced by 0.25% every six months (up to 12 times) provided that you are not overdue for more than 30 calendar days on any of your loan installment payments during the six-month period preceding the reduction.



REWARD is repaid in monthly amortization instalments, through automatic debit of a deposit account in your name.


Interest rate - Charges

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Total Annual Real Charge (TARC)

For information on the TARC click here​.

For detailed information, please visit one of our Branches or call us at +30 210 48 48 484.