"EXPRESS" Personal Loan

We have launched the new "EXPRESS" Personal Loan especially for you, so you can meet instantly your personal or family needs. You can get the loan from wherever you are, instantly & quickly!

Apply today via NBG Internet or Mobile Banking, and get a 65% discount on the loan charges and take advantage of the unique benefits:
  • instant and quick application - approval - disbursement
  • instant cash from €300 to €2,000, without collateral
  • reward with go4more points for each timely instalment payment 
Terms and conditions apply.
For further information see Details.
Natural persons residing permanently and declaring personal income in Greece.

Loan amount
From €300 to €2,000

Loan term
Depending on the loan amount, as follows:
​Loan amount
​Loan term
​< €1,000
​from 12 to 24 months
​≥ €1,000
​from 12 to 48 months

Repayment method
The "EXPRESS" personal loan is repaid through monthly instalments, automatically debited to your deposit account.

Interest rate - charges
For information on interest rates and/or charges relating to the product, click here

Total Annual Real Charge
For information on the TARC click here.
Get the new "EXPRESS" Personal Loan through your mobile phone or PC!

If you are a registered i-bank Internet Banking user, click here to submit your application online.

Via i-bank Internet Banking you can carry out all your transactions online using your PC or mobile phone, whenever you like and wherever you are, easily, quickly and safely! 
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Alternatively, you can visit any NBG Branch or call 210 4848484.
Payment of your loan instalments
The loan instalments are debited automatically to your deposit account held with NBG which you stated for the collection of instalments.

Loan statements
To keep you duly updated, NBG sends you a statement of account every three months, containing information on your loan and the amount of the following monthly instalments.
Moreover, if you're an i-bank Internet Banking user, you can sign up for the i-bank statements service and receive e-mail alerts notifying you of the fact that your loan statement has been issued.

Late receipt of loan statement
The loan statement will be sent every three months to the address you’ve given us. If for any reason beyond the Bank’s control the statement is not delivered to you, the instalment will nevertheless still be due for collection, as required under the loan contract.
For more information, visit your Branch.

Late payment of loan instalment
You must endeavour to settle your dues as soon as possible.
Failure to pay an instalment incurs default interest for the period it remains in arrears, while it is also taken to indicate transactional delinquency. In addition, your loan contract may stipulate further penalties.

Change of deposit account used to service the loan
To change the deposit account which is linked to your loan visit an NBG Branch and indicate the account you wish the instalments of your loan to be debited to.

Early repayment
You can visit the Branch and pay any amount you wish for partial or total repayment of your loan before its expiry, without any additional charges.

Change of particulars
Please inform us immediately of any change in your personal particulars (home address, contact information etc.) simply by visiting an NBG Branch.
Find out about the required ID verification documents at "Have you introduced yourselves? If not ...do it now".