If you need additional cash, just take advantage of your NBG current account's overdraft facility, for cash up to €5.000!


The "Overdraft" option provides:

  • adjusting your overdraft limit in accordance with your needs
  • cash withdrawals up to the overdraft limit, free of charge
  • privileged, floating interest rates; interest applies only to the credit balance outstanding and only for the time it is being used.


If you have a current deposit account:

you may benefit from even higher overdraft limit and even lower interest rates!


In addition, you may withdraw and deposit cash easily, quickly and simply with your ETHNOCASH PLUS debit card.


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Individuals, with permanent residence and personal income subject to taxation in Greece, who are:

  • beneficiaries of simple current deposit accounts that do not use them for business purposes
  • beneficiaries of “Salary Reward” current deposit account.
  • beneficiaries of “STUDENT LIFE” current deposit account.


Amount (credit line)

  • For simple current account beneficiaries: up to €5,000
  • For “Salary Reward” current deposit account beneficiaries: up to 5 monthly salaries, based on a recent salary slip, subject to a maximum of €10,000
  • For “STUDENT LIFE” current deposit account beneficiaries: up to €10,000



Indefinite, renewed automatically each year



Interest is charged on a six-monthly basis, on 31 December and 30 June each year.

If the 6-month interest charged at 31 December and 30 June means the limit on your debit balance is exceeded, the account shall be charged at default interest rate for the amount of the excess as of 1 January and 1 July, respectively, and the total excess amount must be paid forthwith.

​In addition, you always have the option to deposit any desired amount towards repaying the debit.


Interest rate - Charges

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Annual Percentage Rate

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