Weight Off Your Shoulders NBG debts


Are you struggling under the weight of your loans and credit card installments?


NBG offers you relief from the burden of your consumer loans and credit cards by offering a repayment installment on your consolidated debts that is noticeably lower than the total amount you’re currently paying.


Do yourself a favor: apply for NBG’s Weight Off Your Shoulders debt consolidation product, and take the weight off your shoulders…


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Consolidation of your dues from personal or consumer loans and credit cards granted or issued by NBG.



Individuals, with permanent residence and personal income subject to taxation in Greece.


Loan amount

From €1,000 to €80,000.


Loan term

From 36 to 120 months, depending on the loan amount.


If collateral is provided, the terms and conditions of Weight Off Your Shoulders with collateral are even more favorable:

  • loan amount starting from €10,000
  • loan term from 60 to 300 months
  • lower interest rate
  • 6 , 12 , 18 or 24-month grace period option


Acceptable collateral is:

  • registration of mortgage prenotation over an urban property; 
  • deposits in euro.


Interest rate reduction

For Weight Off Your Shoulders without collateral, your interest rate can be reduced by half a percentage point every six months (up to 12 times) provided that you are not overdue for more than 30 calendar days on any of your loan installment payments during the six-month period preceding the reduction.



The loan is repaid in monthly amortization installments.

If a grace period applies (this option is available only for the Weight Off Your Shoulders with collateral product), each month you pay interest only until the grace period expires. Thereafter, the loan is repaid in monthly amortization installments.

In any case, installments are automatically debited to a deposit account in your name.


Interest rate - Charges

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Annual Percentage Rate

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