Limits on contactless payments without needing to enter a PIN

​Further to the announcement of the Hellenic Bank Association (HBA) dated 23/03/2021, NBG, as a member of HBA, is applying through to 30/06/2021 the extension of the €50 limit on contactless payments made with NBG-issued cards without needing to enter a PIN.

Standing by our commitment to provide practical assistance in our joint endeavour to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on our daily transactions, NBG, as of Thursday 1 July 2021, will apply the following limits on contactless card transactions:

· for amounts up to €50 the payment is performed without needing to enter a PIN (*)

· for a single purchase over €50 the payment is completed by entering a PIN

The aggregate limit for successive contactless payments without entering a PIN is raised from €100 to €150.

The main objective of this measure is to increase the frequency of contactless transactions so that shop employees do not need to handle your debit, credit or prepaid cards, and also avoid the need to touch the POS keypad.

In any case, remember to keep your card safe.


(*) For the security of your transaction, you may nevertheless be asked to enter your PIN even for purchases worth less than €50.