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Ideas submitted should be related to one of the following three topics:

  1. E-Business
  2. Environment and Technology
  3. Culture and Technology

In further detail:

1st Topic -  E-Business

Entries under this heading can relate to e-business in all sectors, such as banking, commerce, tourism, agriculture, shipping, transport, the press, technology etc. , as they have evolved through the internet, including: online stores (e-shops), e-catalogues, e-auctions, e-procurements, e-financial supply chains, and e-marketplaces. This topic also includes innovative ideas for electronic payments relating to the above activities. Examples of possible ideas:

  • Implementation of an internet store in various sectors such as trade, tourism, publishing, technology etc. The internet store may supply products to private individuals (Business-to-Consumer) or to legal entities (Business-to-Business) or may be an intermediary in the supply chain.
  • Implementation of electronic functionalities that can be used either to provide e-commerce services (as described above) or to perform financial transactions
  • Secure and innovative applications or systems (hardware or software) for electronic payments.
  • Solutions linking e-commerce to socially-driven advertising.
  • Tools for measurement and performance monitoring of e-shops.
  • Computer games with economic, educational, strategic or business focus.
  • Applications related to the stock market or to investments in general.
  • Marketing and business solutions based on Web2.0/Web 3.0 platforms.
  • Social media monitoring tools.
  • Web statistics and analytics tools.
  • Knowledge management tools based on Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 platforms.
  • e-learning applications.


2nd Topic – Environment and Technology

Participants submitting proposals under this topic are invited to develop technological concepts for applications that are environmentally friendly and contribute to pollution reduction while also addressing climate change, energy efficiency and power generation from renewable sources. Examples of possible ideas:

  • Customized or modified devices/applications with increased power efficiency for use in building construction/repair, transportation, manufacturing processes, household appliances etc.
  • New innovative devices for testing, measuring and reducing emissions and energy consumption in any activity.
  • Combined production of electrical energy/heating systems.
  • Electricity storage systems.
  • The gathering, systematic management, recycling and use urban of waste or industrial waste.
  • Exploitation of renewable energy sources.
  • Electronic devices for the maximum utilization, control and distance monitoring of electricity production projects from renewable sources.
  • Systems/applications for control and monitoring of electricity transmission in order to limit losses.


3rd Topic - Culture and Technology

Participants submitting proposals under this topic are invited to develop technological ideas and applications that promote culture and enhance the effective

  • supply of information to the public regarding cultural bodies (museums, galleries etc.) and events;
  • recording, disseminating, archiving and handling of cultural data (image – sound – text);
  • operating, organizing and managing cultural organizations and events.

Some examples:

  • Data-mining, geolocation, virtual and augmented reality applications relevant to culture.
  • Cultural actions and applications that make use of social networks and media.
  • Games with a cultural focus.