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Proposal structure & Evaluation

Phase A

Proposals are submitted in electronic format, after completing a registration form with contact details, and should include the following:

  • Title (maximum 20 words)
  • Description (maximum 1000 words), containing:
    • ​Purpose and use
    • Key innovative features and brief analysis of competitors
    • Technical features of proposal
    • Benefits and brief feasibility study

Phase B
Analysis in full detail is required. There is no word limit.

Phase C

Successful participants will be invited by the Bank to present their proposals to the Final Evaluation Committee.​


The evaluation of the proposals will be performed in collaboration with Universities, NBG executives and collaborating organizations.

The basic details of the evaluation process are as follows:

  • Scoring is carried out by the Evaluation Committees, which is comprised of Professors as well as by NBG executives.
  • Each judge awards scores according to predetermined criteria, such as degree of innovation, completeness and clarity of the proposal, feasibility of implementation and usage, as well as anticipated benefits.
  • The final score is the result of the average score of at least two independent judges.

Please check our website in Greek to find out more about Innovation & Technology Competition, including Frequently Asked Questions and relevant Terms and Conditions.