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  • The top four winners will be awarded the following cash prizes:
    • First Prize: € 20,000 
    • Second Prize: € 10,000
    • Third Prize: € 6,000
    • Fourth Prize: € 4,000
  • The remaining six finalists in Phase C will receive prizes of  one  € 1,500 each.
  • Ten portable computers (laptops) will be awarded to the finalists in Phase B who do not qualify for Phase C.
  • All valid entries with the exception of those who have qualified for Phase B, will have the chance to win various prizes by participating in a draw. The draw will take place before a notary public a few days before the award ceremony. The prizes will be given to the winners during the award ceremony. The exact date and place of the draw will be announced in due time on this website.

Please check our website in Greek to find out more about Innovation & Technology Competition, including Frequently Asked Questions and relevant Terms and Conditions.