Your ticket to the great football celebration!

Win a pair of tickets to the UEFA Champions League with NBG’s credit cards.
 Every time you use your NBG Mastercard® for your daily transactions, you increase the chances of winning 1 of 30 pairs of tickets to attend UEFA Champions League games and witness the greatest football spectacle.

In brief:

  • Using Mastercard® 
  • From 1/9 through to 15/10
  • A pair of tickets to UEFA Champions League matches, abroad
  • Airline tickets & accommodation expenses

Winners get:

  • a pair of tickets to a UEFA Champions League game, abroad,
  • airline tickets and
  • accommodation in the city hosting the match


If you don’t have an NBG Mastercard, you can apply for yours now, use it for your daily transactions from 1/9 through to 15/10, and get lucky and win a pair of tickets to the UEFA Champions League matches!

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The tickets are offered by Mastercard, official sponsor of UEFA  Champions  League.

Terms & conditions apply.

You can apply for your new credit card online in just a few steps, from wherever you are! 



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