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Enter Messi’s word with Mastercard® credit cards from National Bank of Greece

Mastercard and National bank of Greece give you the opportunity to experience historic football moments up close and receive exclusive gifts with Messi's signature. 

Now, every time you make a move and use a Mastercard® credit card from the National Bank for your purchases, you claim collectible gifts with your favorite player as well as tickets for the UEFA Champions League abroad.

If you don’t yet have a Mastercard credit card from National Bank of Greece, request it now here, use it during the campaign period and claim exclusive gifts.

Campaign duration: 12/09/2022 - 13/11/2022.

Find out about the terms & conditions here.

See here the 1st2nd and the 3rd group of winners.

In brief:

With each of your purchases with a Mastercard® credit card from the National Bank you could claim:

  • exclusive gifts with Messi's signature
  • tickets for UEFA Champions League matches

If you are a Mastercard® credit cardholder from the National Bank visit the to enjoy & watch exclusive videos from Messi’s life moments. 

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