Development Partnership

​Article 18 of Law 4019/2011

For the legalization of the representatives of development partnerships, the documents hereinbelow are required:

1. An official copy of the published original deed of incorporation of the development partnership and of the published amendments thereof (if such amendments exist), as well as a certificate of registration of the development partnership with GEMI, when required, or with the Court of First Instance, if the development partnership was established prior to the implementation of Law 4072/2012, with its date and number of filing.

2. A certificate recently issued by GEMI or the Secretariat of the competent Court of First Instance regarding registrations/amendments filed in their respective company books. The submission of this certificate is necessary if the Articles of Association allow for automatic extension of the term of the partnership following its termination or after three years have passed since the previous such certificate was submitted to the local Branch of the Bank.

3. Certified copies of the documents evidencing the constitution of the management bodies of the development partnership.

4. Duly certified copies of all legalization documents of the partners-legal entities participating in the development partnership and of their representatives, along with a true excerpt or a true copy of the minutes of their competent body regarding their participation in the specific development partnership and the appointment of a representative for signing its Articles of Association or the relevant amendments thereof (which shall include the names of the Directors present and of the Directors absent, though invited), duly signed by the competent officers, as per the partnership's Articles of Association.   Also, a certified copy of the Articles of Association of the legal entity participating should be supplied, so that it can be verified that its Articles of Association allow for its participation in the development partnership.