How to make your home more eco-friendly

Simple ideas to make your home more environmental-friendly
Environmental awareness is continuously increasing. Recycling is now a way of life, and the use of plastic is gradually being reduced. The environmental footprint of human activities, including how we manage our homes, has developed into one of the most challenging issues of today’s world. Every single home can, through simple, easy steps, contribute to the bigger “green” picture.

LED lamps

Simple and immediate. Replacing conventional light bulbs at home with LED lamps offers increased energy efficiency with ecological light bulbs that are 100% recyclable. 

Door and window frames

Installing new door and window frames is definitely not a low-cost option, but latest systems do offer optimal insulation for protection against challenging weather conditions, helping keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. The cost of such an investment essentially offers long-term benefits as a result of your home’s increased energy efficiency, resulting in reduced use of air conditioning and heating systems.

Solar water heating

If living in Greece, you can benefit from the country’s sunny weather most days of the year by using solar water heating, a system rightly established as a key tool in virtually every home, ensuring hot water supply without the need to consume electricity. 

Eco House - How to Do it

Automatic watering system

Installing an automatic watering system in your garden or balcony saves many cubic meters of water, crucial for the planet as well as your budget.


Fifty percent of building heat loss happens through walls, especially ceilings. It’s important that roofs or rooftops are well insulated. This will offer protection from rain and moisture and will make it properly slanted for rain water to flow to and for thermal protection. 

Ready for an eco-friendly home

If you’ve decided to transform your home into an eco-friendly home with building adjustments needed to boost its energy efficiency, NBG can be your ally. 

NBG, a strong supporter of eco-friendly initiatives, participates in the country’s official subsidy program Exoikonomo 2021, aiding energy efficiency upgrades of homes. It provides financing for energy-efficiency project budgets of successful applicants, covering energy inspection costs, loan file management costs and much more.

If you’re building or renovating your home, adopting an eco-friendly approach for various project decisions has become standard practice in this day and age, both for the environment and long-term benefits for your finances. Eco-friendly choices may cost more initially, but they definitely offer savings in the long run. Your home’s energy-related expenses will be considerably lower compared to those of conventional homes. 

NBG’s Estia Green, a pioneering housing loan that can be adjusted to your needs, offers solutions for the purchase or construction of an energy upgraded home, as well as for energy-efficiency improvements of existing homes.

Smart purchases

Make sure to choose energy-efficient models when buying appliances such as washing machines, dish washers, refrigerators, TVs, stoves, or air conditioners. Modern household appliances have energy labels indicating energy efficiency levels. Give preference to models with maximum energy efficiency rating.

The energy efficiency rating is a scale that consists of letters (from A to F), stating the amount of energy that an appliance consumes. An energy efficiency rating A means the appliance is more efficient and consumes less energy than F.

An eco-friendly home not only saves you significant amounts in energy-related costs such as heating or hot water expenses, but also greatly contributes to environmental protection. Ecological awareness is essential. Today’s global climate reality is setting new, crucial environmental rules and standards for everyday life, transportation, your car and, naturally, your home.


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