i-bank Pass

You can generate an i-bank pass queue number on your desktop, tablet, or mobile before visiting the branch
i-bank pass online

See all the services in one place

You just need to download the app or select the functionality on Mobile Banking to issue your i-bank pass ticket and get a notification when your turn is coming up. You can also book an appointment relating to any Branch service.

I have a queue number

I have an appointment

I get a great service

I get updates when my turn is coming up

I have a queue number

I have an appointment

I get a great service

I get updates when my turn is coming up

I have a queue number
I have an appointment
I get a great service
I get updates when my turn is coming up

I choose Digital Banking on all my devices

So many benefits with just one move
I shop online, from wherever I may be
I don’t waste time by making visits to the bank
I can access my transactions at any time
I have an overall picture of my banking affairs
I can manage my finances at a glance
I can see my income/expenses totals

Enjoy the ease and convenience of Digital Banking

Mobile app

Simply go to your phone's app store and download the NBG app.
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Internet Banking

Sign up to manage your transactions, monitor your accounts, and get lots of online features.
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Do you want more information?

Every day you can generate up to 3 tickets for service at an NBG counter and/or book up to 2 appointments for any other Branch service.
Relaunch the app and select My tickets or My appointments from the menu. Select your appointment or ticket and show it to a member of our staff at the Branch. Please note that every ticket issued by i-bank pass remains active until it is called by the counter of the Branch where you’ve chosen to be served. Every appointment remains active until the date and time it is booked.
The ticket is issued on the same day you wish to be served at the cashier.
You can create / make an appointment for the store of your choice, which has the service, at the earliest for the next working day and for a period of up to one (1) month.
It is noted that the appointment for the next working day is created until 13:59 of the previous day, while from 14:00 onwards for the next working day.
Yes, you can save a Branch and mark it as a favorite by pressing the heart sign after choosing it. You can then find it under your Favorites in the menu.
Downloading and using the app is free of charge. Please note that data rates depend on the pricing policy of your phone network provider.

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