Other Digital Banking Services

You can manage your finances, look for an NBG branch and find the nearest ATM using your phone
More online capabilities available on your phone

Manage all your finances in one place

You just need to download the mobile app to manage all your finances on your screen quickly, easily, and safely.

I manage my finances efficiently

I monitor my transactions

I group my expenses

I set my budget

I look for branches and ATMs

I manage my finances efficiently

I monitor my transactions

I group my expenses

I set my budget

I look for branches and ATMs

manage my finances efficiently
monitor transactions
group expenses
set budget
look for branches and ATMs

Digital Banking on your desktop, tablet, and mobile

With one application, you have many advantages.

I shop online, from wherever I may be
I don’t waste time by making visits to the bank
I can access my transactions at any time

I have an overall picture of my banking affairs
I can manage my finances at a glance
I can see my income/expenses totals

Enjoy the ease and convenience of Digital Banking

Mobile app

Simply go to your phone's app store and download the NBG app.
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Internet Banking

Sign up to manage your transactions, monitor your accounts, and get lots of online features.
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Do you want more information?

You can receive push notifications about: 

  • Accounts and cards (you can choose products and set the amounts) 
  • Financial management (what is happening with your budgets and monthly expenses) 
  • Go4more points 
  • Failed and post-dated transactions 
  • e-commerce transaction approvals  
  • News and updates 

You can deactivate some or all push notifications by going to ‘Settings,’ selecting ‘Notifications,’ and then pressing ‘Deactivate.’

PFM helps you monitor all your daily transactions and group your income and expenses according to your needs. You can create an overall monthly budget as well as dedicated budgets for specific categories of expenses so you can easily stay on top of your finances and never exceed your budget. Moreover, you receive a monthly PFM report that keeps you up to date with all your budgets.
This functionality helps you find your nearest NBG Branch and ATM. You can also find the location of all NBG Branches and ATMs in the prefecture you select.

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