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Automated Payment Systems (APS)

NBG’s i-bank services allow you to carry out transactions even if you’re not a customer of the Bank, via Automated Payment System (APS).

When using the APS network you can carry out instant payments from and deposits into NBG accounts, in cash. All in all, you have much to gain from using the network, including:

  • direct handling of your everyday obligations,
         even if you’re not a holder of an NBG account or credit card

  • safe and easy banking transactions and

  • save precious time.

Find out the location of your nearest APS terminal


  • Instant cash deposits into NBG accounts         
        (up t
    o € 1,000 per account daily, at the APS network, with option to enter a reason for the deposit).
  • Payments 
    • NBG loan installments, by crediting the loan-linked account 
           (up to € 2,000 per account daily at the APS network)
    • NBG credit cards accounts 
    • Assessed Tax Debts
    • Various bills (utility companies & other service providers):​
      • ​Δ.Ε.Η. (Public Power Corporation), Ε.ΥΔ.Α.Π. (Athens Water Supply and Sewerage   
            Company), Vodafone, Cosmote mobile - fixed, Cosmoline, Forthnet, INTERAMERICAN
            @nytime, Nova-Forthnet Media, Otenet, Vodafone mobile-fixed, Wind. ​​

      Most transactions via APS are free of charge.
      Those few transactions which do incur a charge are normally significantly cheaper than when performed at the Bank’s counters.

      For further information, look up here.

      APS terminals are really simple to use.

      All you need is the information and cash necessary to carry out your transaction:

      • the loan-linked account number or account statement,
            when paying NBG loan installments
      • the card number, or card account statement, or just the card, 
            when paying NBG credit card installments
      • the Debt ID or the Tax Payment Advice, when paying Assessed Tax Debts
      • the service provider’s e-payment code or account statement, when paying various bills
      • the account number, to make deposits into NBG accounts and, in all cases, 
            the payment amount in banknotes or coins (denominations over €0.10).

      The APS guides you step by step through the transaction procedure, quickly and securely, in the following, alternative ways:

      • the touch screen, to enter the service provider’s payment code or
             NBG account /loan /credit card number
      • the barcode reader (if you have your account statement with you)
      • your NBG credit card, to pay your NBG credit card installments.

      In addition, APS terminals:

      • Issue transaction vouchers and
      • Can give you change worth up to €10 (in coins).

      ​Find out more about the transactions conducted in Centers Automated Payment

By using one of our Automated Payment System (APS) terminals—located in selected central branches of the Bank—you can carry out your transactions easily and safely.  

For any other information on APS or NBG’s i-bank services simply get in touch with NBG’s Contact Center, any time any day: 


181818 (from Greece) or

+ 30 210 48 48 484 (from abroad)

When prompted by the voice menu, say “Support” in order to be put through to one of our agents. The cost of the call depends on the pricing policy of your phone network provider

If you prefer, you can send your question by:

  • e-mail: contact.center@nbg.gr 
  • fax : +30 210 48 06 865