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Automated Payment Systems (APS)

Via our Automated Payment Systems (APS) network, you can make instant payment of your dues and deposit cash into NBG accounts, even if you're not an NBG customer.

By using APS you can:

-    carry out instantly your everyday obligations, without needing to have an NBG account or credit card

-    enjoy convenience and security in your transactions and

-    save valuable time


Get detailed information on the transactions carried out via APS.​

​Find out about your nearest APS in selected NBG
Network Branches.

  • Transactions
    Via APS you can carry out the following cash transactions:
    - direct deposit to NBG accounts
      (up to €1,000 to each account per day, with the option to enter the reason for the deposit)

    - payment of / to :
      - NBG loan instalments by debiting the loan servicing accounts
         (up to €2,000 to each account per day via APS)
      - NBG credit cards
      - Annual road Tax for vehicles and motorcycles
      - Certified Tax Dues 
      - Administrative e-fees
      - Companies
         (DEH, EYDAP, Cosmote mobile - landline, Forthnet, INTERAMERICAN,@nytime, Nova-Forthnet Media,        Otenet, Vodafone Mobile - landline, Wind, Attici- Thessaloniki Gas Supply Companies, KEN
         individuals - businesses).
  • Pricing Policy
    Most of the available transactions are provided free of charge, while the charges applying to those bearing a fee are significantly reduced compared to transactions carried out at the Branch.
    To get detailed information click here.
  • Procedures - Documents
    By following the steps displayed on the APS you can complete your transactions quickly and securely in any of the following ways -using the touch screen-: 

    -  by entering the payment code for payments to companies or the NBG 
       account/ loan/ credit card number
     barcode reader, if you have a copy of the bill with you or
    -  NBG credit card for the payment of the bill
       In addition, the APS issue a transaction receipt and give change in coins up to €5.

    Depending on the transaction you wish to carry out, you need to have the following with you:

    for the payment of/to

       -  NBG loan instalments: the loan servicing account number or the account statement
       -  NBG credit cards: the card number or the account statement or the card’s plastic body
       -  Certified Tax Dues: the Payment Code or the Tax notice of payment
       -  Companies: the electronic payment code or a copy of the bill

    for deposits to:

       -  NBG accounts: the account number and the respective amount in banknotes or coins 
          (denominations higher than €0.10).