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i-bank pass is a cutting edge, internationally and nationally award-winning service that enables you to generate an e-queuing ticket ("i-bank pass ticket") for service at a cashier’s desk, before you visit the NBG branch, and to know beforehand when your turn is expected, so you won't have to hang around in queues.
i-bank pass is currently available for use at most NBG Branches via: 
  • the mobile app for smartphones and tablets:
    • ​​Google AndroidTM (version 4.0 or latest) from the Play Store and
    • Apple iOs (version 7.0 or latest) from the App Store
  •  NBG's webpage at www.nbg.gr

It can be used from Monday through Friday, 8:10-13:30 and doesn't require a username or password: even non-NBG customers can use it to get a ticket.

Further more, i-bank pass :  
  • information about the nearest NBG Branch to your present location and the queuing time
  • information about services, contact details and banking hours of NBG branches
  • issuance of an i-bank pass ticket for service at a teller’s desk in the branch of your choice (this is a virtual ticket that cannot be printed: it is displayed on the screen of your smartphone or tablet)
  • it lets you know when your turn is about to come up so that you make sure you’re at the branch on time
  • rate the service, if you wish.​
  • Using the service on the bank’s web page
    i-bank pass service is available on the Bank's webpage www.nbg.gr:​
    1. Search for the branch that suits you best either by using the search bar or by navigating on the map.
    2. You can find out the estimated queuing time, the number of customers waiting, and the branch
          details before generating your e-queuing ticket. 
    3. Generate an e-queuing ticket, by:
    - clicking on "Issue Ticket",

    - entering your mobile phone number and
    - clicking on ​​ .

    You need to provide your mobile phone number in order to use the i-bank pass service. You will receive SMS notifications about:

    - details of the branch for which you have issued a ticket.

    - e-queuing ticket number that you show at the counter when your turn comes up.

    - the estimated queuing time.

    - when your turn is about to come up, so that you make sure you’re at the branch on time.

    Of course, you should ensure that your mobile network connection is not interrupted during the process.​
  • Using the service via the mobile app
    The i-bank pass service is available for smartphones or tablets using the following operating systems:

    - ​​Google AndroidTM (version 4.0 or latest) from the Play Store and

    - Apple iOs (version 7.0 or latest) from the App Store​

    To use the app your internet connection should be up and running, and geolocation enabled (GPS).

    Note that the cost of downloading data from the internet on your mobile depends on the pricing policy of your phone network provider.​
  • Do I have to be an NBG customer?
    ​No. i-bank pass is available for both NBG and non-NBG customers.
  • If I exit the app, how can I restore my generated i-bank pass ticket?
    Relaunch i-bank pass and select "My i-bank pass tickets" from the menu (≡). There, you will find the ticket you had generated, which you can show at the counter when your number is called. 
    Note that every ticket issued by i-bank pass remains active up to the moment it is called by the counter of the branch where you have chosen to be served. After this time the ticket is marked as invalid, whether or not you actually turned up.
    Timed-out tickets are displayed too under "My i-bank pass tickets".   
    All i-bank pass tickets (active or timed-out/cancelled) that you have generated in the past are displayed here.
  • How do I show my i-bank pass ticket at the counter?
    When your number is called, go to the counter and show the ticket displayed on the screen of your device. All the information the teller needs to know is displayed there:
    your queue number 
    and the branch for which the ticket was issued. 
    If you have exited the app, your mobile device does not lose your ticket. Relaunch i-bank pass, select "My i-bank pass tickets" from the menu (≡) and click on your ticket.
  • How do I know when my ticket is about to be called at the branch?
    When your turn is close to being called you will receive a push notification on your device via the i-bank pass app, or an SMS if you’ve generated your ticket from the web site, so that you can make sure that you are at the branch you selected on time. Also, to ensure the service is not interrupted, we suggest that you keep your mobile connection or web connection on.

    Note that the queuing time stated on your i-bank pass ticket is calculated on the basis of the average queuing time for customers who are currently being serviced, and may fluctuate depending on the nature and volume of the transactions being handled. Accordingly, for your convenience, we suggest you get to the branch comfortably on time so as not to miss your turn.
  • Can I cancel the ticket I’ve issued?
    You can cancel the ticket you’ve issued only when using the mobile app. Select "Cancel my ticket" from the menu in the top right corner of the ticket. Note that each registered user of i-bank pass can generate up to three (3) tickets per day. The number of tickets includes also any that you may have cancelled.
  • ​​User instructions for i-bank pass can be found under "User Guide".
  • Call any time of the day at ​18 18 18 and say "Support" to be put through to one of our agents.        ​The co​st of the call depends on the pricing policy of your phone network provider.
  • ​​Send an email to contact.center@nbg.gr.