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You can carry out your purchases on the Internet via MyBank by directly debiting your bank account, and enjoying the convenience, security and reliability of our i-bank Internet Banking service.

MyBank is a Europe-wide e-payment solution for online purchases and payment of dues, combining a host of advantages for internet shoppers:

  • ​a quick and simple procedure through the secure environment of our Internet Banking platform
  • without the use of cards
  • without new accounts or prepaid cards 
  • without registering with e-shops 
  • no personal data are entered at the online store
  • ​the service is compatible with all devices all over Europe
  • the transaction data are automatically filled in 
  • the transaction is carried out in real time, and the payment confirmation can be printed out 
  • direct control of your account activity 

You can carry out your payments via i-bank Internet Banking​ using MyBank:

  • ​​When you’re ready to go ahead with the payment of your online order, select the MyBank icon   as a way of payment.​
  • Then select NBG and you’ll be transferred to NBG's i-bank Internet Banking log-in webpage, where   
        you fill in your User ID and Password. 
  • After you’ve logged in, the MyBank payment screen will appear where you can view your order
        details (amount, description, order number). 
  • Select the account you wish to debit and confirm payment by entering your single-use i-code. 
  • Once you’ve confirmed the payment, a message informing you of successful completion of your
        payment is displayed and, if you want, you can print out the payment confirmation. 
  • Then you’re redirected to the e-store website, which will display the successful completion of your

The MyBank service is governed by the applicable capital controls.
​Via the MyBank service the customers of your online store can pay for their purchases directly via the Internet Banking service provided by their bank.

The MyBank service is Europe-wide e-payment solution for online purchases and payment of dues.  Through MyBank the customer can complete his transaction by directly debiting his bank account via his bank's Internet Banking service. The service is available to Internet Banking users registered with NBG, Piraeus Bank, Alpha Bank and Eurobank, thus including almost all Internet Banking users in Greece, as well as Internet Banking users registered with hundreds of European banks within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). 



For you: 
  • identification the customer by the Bank, thus minimizing the risk of fraud
  • immediate confirmation about the outcome of the transaction and update of your business's
        systems in real time
  • guaranteed payment for your business
  • increase in your online sales, in particular to customers abroad
  • easy implementation at very low cost.

For your customer: 
  • a quick and simple procedure through Internet Banking's secure environment 
  • no registration or activation procedure necessary 
  • ​​no new accounts or prepaid cards,the service is compatible with all devices all over Europe
  • no personal data are entered at the online store
  • the transaction data are automatically filled in by the Bank.

Useful Information 

  • The MyBank service is available in Greece with the support of Interbanking Systems S.A. (DIAS SA).
        Businesses and organizations of all sizes can use the service. 
  • The total amount of payments to the business carried out via the MyBank service by all participating
        Banks, in Greece or abroad, is credited to the business's sight account held with NBG, in line with the
        timeframe of the Dias Credit Transfer Service and the regime currently applying to fund transfers
        and payments.  
  • Thus, MyBank enables you to expand the payment options offered by your e-shop while the amount
        of the transaction is electronically credited to your NBG account, regardless of what your customer's
        bank is. 
To set up the service you need a connection with DIASMSP, which is provided by DIAS for the purpose to organizations and merchants of all four systemic banks. 

National Bank of Greece provides all the operational and technical specifications as well as technical support for the linkup of your e-shop with the DIAS infrastructure. 

  • To view all the details and the benefits of the service click here​

Contact Details

For further information:

  • contact us via email at contact.center@nbg.gr
  • call 18 18 18
​The MyBank service is governed by the applicable capital controls.​​

1. Selection of MyBank as mode of payment.
The customer, having browsed through the e-shop and added the products he wishes to buy to the shopping basket, clicks on the MyBank payment option. 




2. Selection of the Bank via which the payment will be carried out.
The customer chooses the bank with which he wishes to make his payment from the list of available banks. 
  • The customer must be a registered user of the Internet Banking service of the Bank he has chosen.
  • A list of all the available banks will be displayed by the MyBank service and updated regularly in
        order to include any new member banks. 


3. MyBank Login page
The customer is redirected to the linkup page of the Bank he has selected, where he enters his personal Internet Banking codes.


4. MyBank payment screen in i-bank Ιnternet Βanking
The customer is transferred to the MyBank payment page, as set up by the respective bank, with the details of the transactions already filled in. These details include the amount, order number and a brief description of the order, which are forwarded by the merchant's website to the MyBank service via a special connection provided by DIAS. These fields cannot be changed by the user. 


5. Selection of debit account
The customer chooses the number of the account he wishes to debit .....



.......and then goes on to confirm the payment. 

6. Successful Completion of Transaction screen
Once the payment has been successfully completed, the e-shop receives notification of successful payment in real time. 


Then, the user can print the receipt evidencing successful completion of his transaction and he is taken back to the e-shop, where a successful completion of  transaction message is displayed.