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New i-bank statements service

Sign up now to the new i-bank statements service, and receive alerts regarding your credit cards* and mortgage and consumer loans, at your registered email, and at the same time stop receiving paper statements.

i-bank statements are available via i-bank Internet Banking on the "i-bank statements" page and the dropdown menu "select statement type"   
What you gain:
  • Receive free-of-charge alerts by email for every statement issued.
  • Ensure stronger personal data protection, and get access to your statements only by using your 
         personal i-bank Internet Banking codes.
  • Enjoy instant access, whenever you want, to your statements, save them, and, if you wish, archive them
         on your computer.
  • By not printing the statements, you contribute to the protection of the environment.


  • To activate the service and discontinue the dispatch of paper statements by regular mail, select "i-bank
  • Here you will see displayed the products (e.g. credit cards, housing and consumer loans etc.) for which
         you can choose to stop receiving paper statements by regular mail.
  • Select the product for which you wish to quit receiving paper statements, and enter the email where you
         will receive alerts for your statements when they are available online. 
If you wish, you can switch back to paper statements at any time, via the relevant option under the "i-bank statements" menu.

* AB VISA and Toyota VISA cards are not included