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NBG has deployed cutting-edge technology to enable its customers to perform banking transactions via its  
i-bank Internet, Phone, Mobile Βanking & Simple Pay services enjoying greater convenience, security and freedom, by entering a one-time SMS i-code sent via SMS on your mobile phone.

The new SMS i-code service is free of charge and is necessary for all new users (individuals) of i-bank Internet/ Phone & Mobile Βanking. 
The SMS i-code is sent to the mobile phone stated when registering for the service.
Εxisting i-bank Internet Βanking users who have an active i-code device can use both authentication options in their transactions, upon a relevant request filed with our Branch Network.  

Business users (legal entities) of the i-bank Internet/Phone Banking, are not currently included in service . They will continue to use the i-code device.

​Each time you want to perform money and security transactions via i-bank Internet and Mobile banking, please follow the steps below:

  • enter the transaction details
  • click on "Submit", and then
  • click on "Send SMS i-code" 
        (ignore the option "enter device-generated i-code" that applies to existing users who haven't      
        activated the new service).

Within a few seconds you'll receive on your phone an SMS sent by "i-bank" that will include:

  • the main details of the transaction,
  • a 6-digit code (SMS i-code), and
  • a 3-digit code (check code).
    These three (3) sets of data are fully aligned with each other and correspond only to the specific transaction.

The SMS is valid for two (2) minutes, during which time you can enter in the relevant field:

  • the 6-digit code received by SMS, and then 
  • click on "Submit".
    A 3-digit check code is displayed on your screen upon completion of the transaction.
    This 3-digit code should be the same as the 3-digit check code sent by SMS.

If you perform your transaction via Phone Banking, please follow the instructions of our agent to enter the SMS i-code.

  • If you hold an i-code device, for further information pleace click here.
  • Each SMS i-code (6-digit i-code and 3-digit check code) can be used within two minutes.
          In the event that it is not entered within the two minutes, you have to ask for a new SMS i-code in
          order to perform your transaction.
  • Each SMS i-code is unique  to a specific transaction, and cannot be used for another transaction,
         e.g. if you get an SMS i-code to pay a DEH bill, this i-code cannot be used to transfer money  to a
         third party's NBG account or to pay a DEH bill with different payment core or amount.

  • The SMS i-code service is "blocked" after four (4) failed attempts to enter an i-code. 
         You should call our Contact Center (181818) in order to reset (unblock) the SMS i-code service.

  • If the SMS i-code service is activated and you have lost:
    • your mobile phone or 
    • the SIM card 
      you should call our Contact Center (181818).

For further information and technical support related to SMS i-code please call NBG Contact Center. 

Please call anytime at
181818 if you're in Greece, or
+30 210 4848484 if you're abroad
and say "sms i-code" in order to be put through to one of our agents.

or via: 

If you lose your mobile phone or SIM card,please call immediately our Contact Center to temporarily block your SMS i-code service.

You can also contact the Contact Center :

  • ​to reactivate (unblock) your SMS i-code service, which, at your request, had been blocked 
  • to unblock the service in the event it has been blocked because you entered the wrong SMS i-code
  • to receive information regarding SMS i-code activity history (entry, deletion, deactivation of mobile
         phone numbers).