Financing for the installation of RES power production units, such as wind parks, solar (photovoltaic) systems, hydroelectric stations, geothermal energy, biomass.

General Description

In the framework of its support for Green Development so as to save energy using all available means, NBG promotes and supports green energy production. Depending on the type of investment and implementation needs, the available financing facilities are as follows:

  • Long-term loans (including corporate bonds / syndicated loans), gradual disbursement of funds as the project progresses, and repayment based on the proceeds of sale of the electric power generated
  • Interim short-term financing against approved subsidies and/or to cover the VAT on investment expenditure, so that the cash requirements of investment projects are met smoothly and in time
  • Letters of guarantee or documentary credits for the supply of the required materials and technical infrastructure
  • Ability to lease the required equipment via Ethniki Leasing
  • Insurance coverage for the investment through rationally designed cutting-edge packages offered by the Group’s experienced and reliable insurance company