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​General description

NBG is actively supporting Greek businesses by participating in the “Business Restarting” Entrepreneurship Fund Action coordinated by the Hellenic Fund for Entrepreneurship and Development (ETEAN S.A.). The Action aims at assisting businesses in carrying out their investment plans and at providing financing, in the form of new working capital loans, for new and existing SMEs.


Terms and conditions


  • Financing of business investment plans, whether included or not in state aid programmes (under Law 3299/2004 et al), which have not been implemented as at the date the application is filed.
  • Granting of special purpose working capital loans, to meet costs relating to the firm’s growth, as set out in the business plan submitted along with the application for financing.


Loan amount per firm

  • For investment plans: € 10,000 to € 800,000
  • For working capital loans: € 10,000 to € 300,000


Loan term

  • For investment plans: 5 to 12 years, including a grace period of 6 months to 2 years
  • For working capital loans: up to 48 months.


Interest rate

50% of the loan bears zero interest because of the non-interest bearing portion of the financing supplied by the Entrepreneurship Fund. The other 50% of the loan is charged with the basic interest rate for financing of fixed assets or working capital of SMEs, plus a margin that depends on the firm’s credit score, and the applicable levy under Law 128/75.



One-off handling charge ranging from € 100 to € 2,000, calculated at a rate of 0.5% of the loan approved and collected upon signing the loan agreement.



Basic documentation

  1. The firm’s legalization documents.
  2. Documentation of any businesses affiliated or associated with the firm making the application, depending on the category of account books they keep (financial data, E7 forms, shareholder record/articles of association etc).
  3. For firms that keep B-category account books:
  • Ε1 and Ε3 tax forms for the last 3 years, Ε9 tax form of owners (for the year 2005, plus any subsequent changes).
  • Current and previous year’s periodic VAT returns (where available).

            For firms that keep C-category account books:

            Besides the documents listed above: 

  • Financial statements for the last 3 years (if such exist).
  • Recent balance sheet and the corresponding balance sheet of the previous year (if such exist).
  1. Ε7 tax forms for the last 3 financial years or Detailed Periodic IKA Statements or Solemn Declaration by the Legal Representative to the effect that during the year the application is submitted the firm will be employing less than 250 workers/AWUs or Solemn Declaration to the effect that the firm does not employ staff.
  2. Valid operating license or, for newly-established firms, installation license or legal exemption or business start-up and any subsequent changes by tax offices.
  3. Valid insurance clearance certificate and tax clearance certificate.
  4. For investment loans:
  • Decision on the inclusion of the firm in a State Aid Programme and the full file containing the application (for cases where the required bank letter has been supplied by another bank) or an investment plan meeting the requirements of the Programme plus Solemn Declaration to the effect that no application for inclusion of the investment in a State Aid Programme has been made.
  • Documentation evidencing financial participation in the investment by the firm itself.
  • Quotes, pro-forma invoices for the expenses to be financed, the budget for the investment, installation plans etc.

        For working capital loans:

  • Business plan meeting the requirements of the Programme.
  1. Solemn Declaration completed and signed by the firm, acknowledging compliance with the De minimis Regulation and the applicable regulatory and legal framework for state aid.

Solemn Declaration stating whether the firm is independent or not.tion



Geographical allocation of funds

The geographical allocation of the funds under the programme will be as follows:


Attica 229,486
Central Macedonia 91,918
West Macedonia 13,941
South Aegean 13,582
Central Greece 21,535
East Macedonia & Thrace, Thessaly, Epirus, Ionian Islands, West Greece, Peloponnese, North Aegean, Crete 179,538


Investment loans are included under the geographical region where the investment is to be implemented, while working capital loans are included under the area where the firm is headquartered.


Disbursement deadline: 31 October 2016.

Free-of-charge account statements will be sent to you on a quarterly basis.

For tax purposes, a certificate of interest charged will be issued on an annual basis.



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