Expertise and Know How

The NBG Group has participated as a Financial Advisor and/or as a Lending Bank in almost all major infrastructure projects implemented in Greece on a Project Finance basis.

Through the implementation of a series of complex projects, NBG Group has developed a strong position as an effective partner in Project Finance based on:

  • Profound knowledge of the conditions, aspects and trends in the local Project Finance Market
  • Excellent understanding of Government policies with regard to private funding mobilization
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in coordinating and collaborating with legal, technical, insurance, tax and other specialist advisors for the successful award of implementation of projects
  • Significant experience in negotiation with parties involved in the implementation of Project Finance deals (European Investment Bank, European Committee etc.)
  • Extensive network of connections and links with prominent companies and entrepreneurs from all sectors of the Greek economy
  • Highly qualified professionals having the necessary skills to manage advisory projects involving State authoritiesfective transfer of know how to our counter parties (State or private) in Project Finance issues