ETHNOfiles is an Internet Banking service, available for the exchange of electronic data which allows the company to send and receive electronic files to the Bank. The files received from the Bank can without alternations update the company ERP system. 


This i-bank channel product is provided via the Internet Banking of our Bank so that our customers send and receive predefined data files that relate indicatively, to the following services:

  • Movements of deposit accounts held at NBG in Euro or Foreign Currency
  • Payroll instructions
  • Mass collections conducted within the Bank’s network
  • Supplier payments processed via ETHNOcredits
  • Customer loan processed via agents (factoring)
  • Transactions done via use of electronic devices EFT/POS
  • Any other data file available from the computerized systems of the Bank such as receivable information, ETHNODeposit card information, B2B applications, etc.


The main benefits of ETHNOfiles are the following:

  • Provides immediate and ease in information processing with greater security
  • Possibility to send and receive files to and from the Bank 24 hrs.