Collections Solutions

Our Collections Solutions support both intra and inter-bank collections, through the use of direct debits, standing orders, checks, or through the i-bank ATM and the Branch Network. Each of these transactions can be almost instantaneously posted into your company bank account thereby allowing you to monitor electronically your cash positions and update the Accounts Receivable system.

The companies that opt to automate its collection process through NBG can benefit from an integrated offering both for intra or inter-bank collection agreements, such as:

  • Direct debits standing instructions: automated and electronic debiting the end company’s current accounts according to company instructions
  • ETHNODeposit card: your company staff can use a specially designed card in order to make bill deposits into the company accounts via Bank’s selected ATM network.
  • Industry specific collection payments for example for insurance, utility, retail companies  
  • Mass Collections through Internet Banking: application provides on-line real time access to funds and information flow and offers access to a variety of multi Bank collection scenarios.
  • Bilateral Standing Orders with file upload through ETHNOfiles
    • Support ERP integration in order to exchange data between company financial systems and our collection services
    • Provide a certified SAP ETHNOready interface tool to customers using SAP’s Financial Module 6.0 or newer version in order to exchange data with the Bank.
  • B2B collections through highly sophisticated solutions
  • Direct clearing participation into ACH DIAS (Direct Debits SDD)
    • SEPA compliant
  • Nationwide check clearing alternatives
  • Bills of Exchange options
  • Teller deposits: identified payments done at any of the Bank’s branches
  • Armored cash collections: cash pick-up at set times, frequency and locations


Some of the key benefits for the company encompass:

  • Use of a large Bank service network (Branch and i-bank ATM network, electronic service i-bank Internet Banking) to collect  the company receivables
  • Prompt cash availability ensured by direct debits
  • Secure and accurate transaction processing
  • Ease of integration into the company’s Account Receivable system
  • Optimized use of company cash


Your Relationship Manager will be pleased to introduce you to a highly specialized team of Corporate Cash Management experts that will be most interested in discussing in more details the specifics of our services and in order to design the solution that best meet your needs.