Import Trade Finance Solutions

Discounting Documentary Credits to Suppliers

A combination of tailor-made solutions depending on the market where you are active.

  • Access to commercial credits
  • Preferential unit prices of goods
  • Payment to your suppliers and repayment of your obligations so as to best suit your business cycle
  • Effective control of financial cost
  • Improved financial statements
  • Enhanced negotiating profile
  • Strengthened relationships with key suppliers


Suppliers' Guarantee and Approved Invoices Financing

NBG provides guarantees to suppliers and ensures purchase of business claims.

As strategic trade partners are important to your business, NBG extends its services to your suppliers by discounting your payables to them or providing guarantees or avalized promissory notes. In this way, you ensure:

  • Long-term and beneficial business relationships
  • Instant solution for suppliers regarding issues of liquidity without them needing to use their credit lines
  • Avoiding advance payments
  • Balance-sheet improvement
  • Planning payables in line with receivables


Integrated Management and Financing of Payables and Receivables

Integrated monitoring, management, collection and payment solutions across the whole supply chain, from pacing an order through to selling the imported goods in the domestic market.

  • Easier access to financing when needed
  • Reduced administrative costs for monitoring payables and receivables
  • Advisory services and participation in the negotiations with suppliers and customers