Export Trade Finance Solutions

Discount Financing - Forfaiting

Ensure predefined terms for the purchase of your receivables as of the time of negotiation with your customer.

  • Undertaking of risks in te markets where you're active
  • Elimination of credit and other risks (interest rate and F/X risks)
  • Enhancement of liquidity to cover your production cycle
  • Avoidance of the need to borrow utilizing credit lines for other operational needs
  • Improved financial statements
  • Combination with pre-financing option


Prepayment of Export Documentary Credits

If you receive foreign letters of credit, you don't need to wait for their payment date.

  • Liquidation of receivables
  • Enhancement of liquidity thereby enabling you to continue your production cycle without interruption
  • Elimination of country and counterparty risks
  • Ability to provide commercial credit to foreign customers
  • Enhance the competitiveness of your business
  • Access to new markets
  • Pre-shipment financing option


Integrated Management and Financing of Payables and Receivables

Across the whole supply chain, from placing an order for raw materials through to collecting receivables from international purchasers, you can benefit from NBG's integrated services.

  • Financing of raw material purchases on favourable terms
  • Avoidance of advance payments
  • Enabling increase in turnover
  • Strengthening negotiating power with key suppliers
  • Planning payables so as to suit your business cycle
  • Reduced administrative costs for monitoring payables and receivables



NBG actively puts efforts to support the Greek export. We have entered into agreement with the Export Credit Insurance Organization (OAEP) regarding financing of exporting businesses against OAEP guaranteed credits / invoices.

Through its "OUTWARD ORIENTATION" programme, under Law 1796/88, OAEP insures companies that export Greek products against specific risks, at a coverage rate of 80% per invoice and up to the total insurance amount of €1,000,000 (revolving amount) per exporting company. Invoiced credits with tenor between one and four months are eligible.

  • Combination of credit insurance and financing
  • Revolving credit line up to € 1,000,000
  • Access to liquidity
  • Reduced financing margin
  • Ability to penetrate into new markets