Documentary Collections

For Importers

Documentary Collection provides assurance regarding the delivery of goods for the Supplier and the applying of predefined payment terms for the Importer.  

Maintaining a wide range of correspondent Banks around the world, National Bank of Greece acts as trustee and intermediary between the Importer and its Supplier's Bank, delivers Shipping documents in accordance with the Remitting Bank's instructions and ensures the timely payment of the collection, or obtains the duly acceptance and repayment of financial instrument.

NBG is the first choice of foreign correspondent Banks, due to our long term relationships with major global Financial Institutions.

  • Reduction of time and cost of documentary collection handling.
  • Extensive correspondent Banks network thus avoiding the intermediation of third Banks.
  • Monitoring of your obligations and providing informative reports.


For Exporters

To ensure the delivery of goods on the terms that you have agreed with customers abroad, you can utilize NBG's expertise. 

  • Precise input of agreed terms and conditions in the collection instruction to the foreign bank.
  • Monitoring the stages of the delivery of shipping documents, acceptance / issuance of financial instrument, and collection by your order.
  • Immediate credit to your account of the incoming interbank payments.