Foreign currency Sight Account

NBG offers you Foreign Currency Sight Account, a cutting edge deposit account in foreign currency designed to meet all your business needs and facilitate your business transactions.

NBG's Foreign Currency Sight Account has the following main features:

  • Interest rate that differs depending on the currency denomination of the account
  • Deposits in all main foreign currencies
  • Posting of interest every six months
  • Account information by updating your deposit book.



  • Individuals - professionals
  • Legal entities.


Minimum initial deposit:

The equivalent of €300.



Foreign Currency Sight Account is offered for: US Dollar (USD), Swiss Franc (CHF), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Swedish Krona (SEK), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Danish Krone (DKK), Japanese Yen (JPY), Australian Dollar (AUD), British Pound (GBP), Turkish Lira (TRY), Romanian Leu (RON), S. African Rand (ZAR), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD).



  • Account management free of charge
  • Deposit book
  • Option to link the account to investment products in the same currency as the account
  • Transfer of funds from your account to a foreign bank to facilitate your transactions, in line with the applicable law
  • Banking services offered by NBG's extensive Branch network in Greece.


Rates & Charges

For information on interest rates and/or charges relating to NBG's deposits, click here


Basic Documentation

Find out about the ID verification documents required under the current regulatory framework at Have you introduced yourself? If not... do it now.

In the case of legal entities, visit an NBG Branch to obtain information on the legalization documents you need to submit, depending on your type of business.


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For further information, please contact one of our Branches.