Corporate Cash Management

Corporate Cash Management

NBG’s Cash Management consists of a set of innovative solutions, designed to enable companies to enhance financial performance by:

  • Leveraging the collective strength of the Bank’s network
  • Obtaining customized payroll services that offer significant benefits to the company and its employees
  • Automating and simplifying the company’s account reconcilement, payments and collections needs
  • Facilitating company integration with the Bank across the different business segments
    • Domestically or between the Company’s Regional Treasury or Share Service Center
    • Supporting a diverse array of global formats such as SWIFT, XML ISO 20020
    • Complying fully with SEPA framework
    • Participating as a direct member at various clearance/payments systems (e.g. TARGET/TARGET 2)
  • Achieving  efficient liquidity management and optimization of company cash positions
  • Accessing innovative industry specific tailor made solutions offered via its B2B option



The payroll solutions of NBG are specially designed payroll services offering significant benefits to companies and their employees.


The Corporate Cash Management Consulting team at NBG is uniquely qualified to provide tailor-made end-to-end solutions and can assist your company to find the most efficient and secure way to manage and optimize all Treasury cash flows.