Import - Export Services


Our staff, with their long-standing expertise, extensive experience and customer service orientation, are here to respond to your needs and facilitate your trade business around the world, through a wide range of tailor-made services and products, such as Documentary Collections, Letters of Credits, Letters of Guarantee, and mass electronic payments of your obligations related to international trade.

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NBG offers a wide range of products and services for effecting international trade transactions, including:


Imports-receipts / Advance payments

National Bank of Greece offers reliable processing of transactions related to imports-receipts, through direct payment, open account or advance payment.  

  • Fast and safe processing of your transactions through our advanced IT systems.
  • Cost reduction by utilizing our extensive network of correspondent banks, which ensures direct access to all markets without third bank intervention. 


Imports' ETHNOcredits

With a view to meeting your requirements to save time and make cost effective trade payments, we offer the option to electronically transmit data between NBG and your clients, in predefined data file format, ensuring convenience, speed and standardization.


Documentary Collections 

 For Importers

Documentary Collection provides assurance regarding the delivery of goods for the Supplier and the applying of predefined payment terms for the Importer.  

Maintaining a wide range of correspondent Banks around the world, National Bank of Greece acts as trustee and intermediary between the Importer and its Supplier's Bank, delivers Shipping documents in accordance with the Remitting Bank's instructions and ensures the timely payment of the collection, or obtains the duly acceptance and repayment of financial instrument.

NBG is the first choice of foreign correspondent Banks, due to our long term relationships with major global Financial Institutions.

  • Reduction of time and cost of documentary collection handling.
  • Extensive correspondent Banks network thus avoiding the intermediation of third Banks.
  • Monitoring of your obligations and providing informative reports.

 For Exporters

To ensure the delivery of goods on the terms that you have agreed with customers abroad, you can utilize NBG's expertise. 

  • Precise input of agreed terms and conditions in the collection instruction to the foreign bank.
  • Monitoring the stages of the delivery of shipping documents, acceptance / issuance of financial instrument, and collection by your order.
  • Immediate credit to your account of the incoming interbank payments.


International Letters of Guarantee 

NBG issues at your request Letters of Guarantee and undertakes to ensure fulfilment of your financial or other contractual obligations.

Depending on the nature of risk undertaken, Letters of Guarantee are classified under two major categories:

a) Those of formal content, i.e. A category (e.g. participation in tenders), and 

b) Those of material content, including B category (e.g. good performance) and C category (e.g. payment of various obligations).

  • Active participation in cross-border Trade Facility Programs

a) European Investment Bank (EIB)

b) European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

c) International Finance Corporation (IFC)

  • Ensuring your access to foreign markets and participation in international competitions - only by NBG.


Import - Export Letters of Credit

For Importers

Commercial Letters of Credit are used to ensure the delivery of goods within a specific time frame, and on terms & conditions agreed between the Applicant (Importer) and the Beneficiary (Exporter).

Standby Letters of Credit are tools to guarantee your future payment obligation.

NBG, with long-standing experiences in all types of Letters of Credit, offers you:

  • Access to commercial credits and tenor extension in all markets.
  • Preferential unit price (at cash price).  
  • Proper utilization of Trade Facility Programs provided by internationally recognized organizations (EIB, EBRD, IFC)
  • Dedicated Cyprus, China, Korea, and Russia desks to assist you in negotiations.
  • Reliable document checking for your assurance.

For Exporters

If you want to ensure the most beneficial terms for Export Letters of Credit and their secured implementation, rely on the long term expertise of NBG.

  • Possibility to add Confirmation due to broad Country and Counterparty Bank limits framework.
  • Market and foreign bank risks elimination.
  • Consulting services for LC terms.
  • Pre-checking and thorough scrutiny of documents
  • Extensive correspondent Banks network thus avoiding the intermediation of third Banks.
  • Specific markets knowhow and expertise.

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Basic documentation:

  1. Business legalization documents
  2. For businesses that keep B category account books:
    • Tax clearance certificate for the previous year.
    • Ε1 and Ε3 tax forms for the last 3 years, Ε9 tax form (for the year 2005, plus any subsequent changes).
    • Current and previous year’s periodic VAT returns (where available).

For businesses that keep C category account books (further to the above): 

  • Balance sheets for the last three years.
  • Recent balance sheet and the balance sheet of the corresponding month of the previous year.

For information on any additional documents required, simply visit any of our NBG Branches or call us at +30 210 35 78 441, +30 210 35 78 430, +30 210 35 78 454.

  • Letter of Guarantee fees in general and Letter of Credit confirmation fees are paid per indivisible quarter throughout their validity period.
  • Fees can be paid through a standing order debiting your deposit account.
  • Relevant statements will be sent to you in line with the frequency arranged for your payments to suppliers.