Are you a Hellenic Agricultural Insurance Association (AIO) farmer or pensioner or eligible for farming aid?

Now you can benefit from NBG’s Farmers Plus privileged savings account, which provides you with a comprehensive package of products and services to meet your needs.

In particular, Farmers Plus offers you:

  • Option to receive via your account:
    • agricultural subsidies or
    • AIO pension
  • Privileged interest rate margin for non-subsidized Housing Loans
  • Credit cards at favourable interest rate and free subscription for the first year
  • Participation in NBG’s Vehicle Insurance plan at favourable prices.

...plus many other benefits, offering you a unique management tool to facilitate your banking transactions.


For further information see Details.

Get informed about the advantages of opening a Farmers Plus privileged account and secure the following options for yourself:

A deposit account with a host of benefits to gain more:

  • Collection of agricultural subsidies via the account
  • Collection of the AIO pension
  • Returns on even the very first Euro deposited
  • Free transfer of funds from your account to another NBG account through a standing order.


Credit cards

Note: The benefits regarding the credit cards are valid for the beneficiary farmer.


Housing Loans

  • 30% discount on the one-off charges for review and approval of loan requests.


Insurance products offering yet greater coverage and security :

Option to participate in the following insurance programm:

State-of-the-art banking services with multiple benefits:

  • Option to credit financial aid received from OPEKEPE/Y.A.A.T.
  • Automatic payment, free of charge, of your bills (DEH, COSMOTE HOME, EYDAP) by debiting your account as per standing order for as long as the account is held
  • Payment of mobile phone bills, insurance premiums etc. or other subscriptions, as per standing order
  • Free transfer of funds to your own or a third party's account held with NBG through standing orders, to meet your regular obligations (e.g. rent, tuition fees)
  • Detailed information on transactions:
    • account statements are sent quarterly to your contact address or your NBG Branch, free of charge
    • you can get a monthly statement of account:
      • via NBG’s i-bank Internet Banking (i-statement): free of charge
      • at your local NBG Branch: free of charge
      • sent to your contact address: subject to charges
    • Regular daily account statement option, at your NBG Branch, subject to charges
  • Information on your account, free of charge, 24/7, via:
    • NBG's i-bank Internet Banking, for transactions you’ve made in the last three months
    • NBG i-bank ATM network (last 7 transactions)
  • Option to link the account with credit cards, and consumer and housing loans for automatic payment of your instalments, free of charge 
  • Option to carry out transactions in investment products through your account.


Put a PLUS in your 24hour banking service

  • Debit Mastercard gives you instant and easy access to your account at any time enabling you to perform a host of transactions:
    • via NBG's i-bank ATM network or the ATM network of other banks displaying the MasterCard logo in Greece and abroad;
    • purchases of products and services at all businesses displaying the MasterCard logo in Greece and abroad;
    • contactless transactions at businesses equipped with the special readers;
    • online shopping at Internet traders displaying the MasterCard logo and traders certified by MasterCard SecureCode;
    •  collect and redeem points for purchases you carry out under NBG's go4more reward program.
  • Access to NBG's i-bank Internet, Phone and Mobile Banking alternative networks.
  • Easy, instant and secure account management and transactions via our i-bank Internet, Phone and Mobile Banking services, free of charge or at very low rates.

The benefits - favourable terms regarding products/services: electricity, phone and water bill payment as per standing order, Vehicle Insurance programmes and supply of chequebook, are offered to the principal beneficiary, as well as any other co-beneficiary of Farmers Plus account.


Rates & Charges

For information on interest rates and/or charges relating to NBG's deposits, click here.

Precontract Information and Single Agreement

For information about product features and terms and conditions, please visit Precontract Information and Single Agreement. 


For more information, stop by one of our Branches today or call from a landline or mobile phone, from Greece or abroad +30 210 48 48 484.

Find out about the ID verification documents required under the current regulatory framework at Have you introduced yourself? If not... do it now.

Additional documentation required to open a Farmers Plus account:

  • Solemn Declaration of Profession or
  • A copy of Single Operating Statement - Single Aid Request Form (page(s) stating personal particulars) or
  • AIO Inventory Form or AIO document showing DIAS Registration Number.

Special features of your account

  • Option to receive via your account:
    • agricultural subsidies or
    • AIO pension
  • Privileged interest rate margin for non-subsidized Housing Loans
  • Credit cards at favourable interest rate and free subscription for the first year
  • Participation in NBG’s Vehicle Insurance plan at favourable prices.


Useful information


Supply of chequebook, subject to eligibility criteria. You can apply for your chequebook at your NBG Branch or via our i-bank Internet and Phone banking service.



You can carry out your transactions:


Information on account balance & transaction history

You can get information on the balance and transactions of your account in the following ways:
    •  via Internet Banking (monthly i-statement). free of charge
    •  If you so request, you can get account activity updates by means of:
          -  quarterly statements sent to your contact address: free of charge
          -  monthly statements sent to your NBG branch (free of charge) or to your contact address,  
              subject to charges
          -   daily statements issued at the branch on a regular basis, subject to charges
     •  information on a round-the-clock basis (24/7) free of charge:    
          -   regarding the last 7 transactions on your account, via NBG's i-bank ATMs;
          -  regarding your account activity, via Internet Banking.

​Change of particulars

In the event of change of personal data (address, contact details etc.) you should inform the Bank immediately, simply by visiting one of our Branches. Find out about the required ID verification documents at Have you introduced yourself? If not... do it now.