ETHNODeposit, the deposit cash card of NBG, is a flexible choice to automate your transactions, offering instant and secure service through the i-bank ATM network. It is designed for businesses that have a wide network of associates all over Greece, such as Insurance Companies, Road Assistance Companies, Agents, Ticket and Tourist Agencies etc.

By using ETHNODeposit you assure:

  • Saving time and money, since your staff and partners can be served easily and quickly by the extensive i-bank ATM network of NBG by depositing instantly the collection of your business and avoiding visiting the Branches. 
  • Security, since the collections of your business will be deposited directly to a sight account, any day and time, independently of the working hours of the Bank Branches.
  • 24hour service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, from the i-bank ATM network in Greece.
  • Minimization of the dangers included in cash transportation.
  • Regular updates regarding the deposits at your account through i-bank Internet Banking or any NBG Branch,
  • Audit control of the collections of your company.

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ETHNODeposit is adjusted to the special needs of your business, since you can:

  • choose the number of the issued cards
  • issue cards to the staff or partners of your choice.
  • associate a different sight account of your business to each card.

Cash deposit

Through the extensive i-bank ATM network of NBG, ETHNODeposit allows you and your partners to make cash deposits, without any restriction in the deposit amount, to sight accounts of your business, quickly and with security.

The cash deposit is performed without envelope by instant update of the balance of your business account.

Account linking

You can associate one sight account of your business to each ETHNODeposit card. If you have more than one sight accounts, you can issue the same number of ETHNODeposit cards, by associating each card with a different account.

Change of personal details

If any part of your business's details has changed, you need to inform NBG by visiting one of the Bank's Branches. Learn about any documents you will need to adduce, in order to verify your new details, by visiting any of the NBG's Branches, through the Phone Banking service, by calling at +30 210 48 48 484.


ETHNODeposit has no expiration date.


You could be informed regarding the deposits at your accounts with ETHNODeposit cards either online through NBG's Internet Banking or through detailed bank statements issued by any NBG's Branch, at no additional cost.

If you already have a sight account with NBG:

  • visit the Branch of your choice,  
  • fill in and sign the respective application documents (application and contract).

The legalization documents of your company's representative must be in force to issue immediately an ETHNODeposit card.

In a few days period, you will receive the card or cards of your business by mail at the given address. In order to receive the PIN you should visit the Branch where you submitted your application.